Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Types Of Skin Treatment For Acne That You Should Avoid

Think about it. There are thousands of products for acne being marketed night and day by various companies around the world. When you go to your local department store, you'll also see hundreds of products being sold there, from cleansers to masks, all for the sake of curing your acne. But, are those products effective? Most of the time, they are not.
Here are 5 types of skin treatment for acne that you should avoid:
1. Over the counter products
These are the products that you can easily find on your local department store. It is the product that can be applied topically on your acne symptom. It is the kind of product that will contain many chemical ingredients that are usually not healthy for your skin. You should avoid this type of acne treatment product because of the bad side effects for your skin.
2. Drugs and medications
Drugs and medications as prescribed by many dermatologists can be a bad solution for your skin. Drugs such as Accutane can give you horrible side effects that will only amplify your suffering. Similarly, antibiotics can't help you to cure your acne because acne is not caused by bacteria inside your skin.
3. Herbs and homemade remedies
At the first glance, herbs and homemade remedies can help you to cure your acne condition. Using aloe vera or honey can seemingly relieve your skin condition and cure your acne effectively. But, it's not the real cure for your acne. If it can give you any relief, the relief will only be temporary.
4. Miracle cures
Any products that claim to be able to cure your acne condition overnight is not a good product for you. Why? That's because acne is not just a symptom in the external layer of your skin. It is caused by deep and complicated problems inside your body. So, in order to completely cure your acne, you have to do the necessary works each and every day. And you can only cure your acne after weeks of hard work in fighting the root causes.
5. Chemicals
Chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide can't help to cure your acne permanently. There are many chemicals that are being sold freely on the market, claiming that it can cure your acne condition. Don't believe their claim, because instead of curing your acne, those chemicals will only damage your skin layers.
Why should you avoid those acne treatments for your skin? That's because those treatments can give you bad side effects, and even though they can help you to ease the symptom, they can't cure your acne permanently. You need to use only the treatment that can cure your acne permanently once and for all.

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