Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 Big Things That Will Make Your Acne Worse

When you have acne, especially when it is not a small acne, you will have to treat yourself very carefully. Not only your skin, your whole body will affect the condition of your acne, either making it better or worse. So, you have to keep treating your acne in a very delicate way, because once you make a mistake, more acne will come to you.

If your acne is severe and you get it all over your face, and you never seem to get enough of it, you need to remember that there are things that can make your acne worse. If you do the things that will naturally make your acne worse, it will worsen your condition. What are those things? Here they are:

1. Bad, bad diet

What do you eat today? What did you eat yesterday? When you have severe acne, it is very important for you to control what you eat. When you eat the wrong foods, it will aggravate your acne in a matter of hours. This is especially true if you have painful cyst or acne rosacea up in your face. Remember that when you have acne, your goal should be to keep your body fresh. There are many foods that can keep your body fresh, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When you eat too much junk and oily foods, you are not making your body fresh. You make it to feel horrible.

2. Terrible self-care

Clean your body regularly, and you should also clean your environment regularly. Cleanliness is the basis of clear skin. Take a look at what your friends are doing. They have beautiful skin because they are clean. They keep their body clean, and they do extra efforts to keep their environment clean as well. If you never take a bath, never use shampoo, never brush your teeth, never clean your sweat, never keep your air clean, and so on, you will only bring doom and gloom to your skin, not to mention to your whole body. Terrible self-care will only aggravate your acne and you have to stop it right now.

3. Stress

And here comes the most common thing that will ensure that you'll get more acne tomorrow. It is stress. When you are stressful, and you eat many junk foods, then you can always predict what will happen to your skin later. Stress, combined with bad diet, will ensure acne to appear on your skin tomorrow. You've seen it every day. Whenever you get more stressful, you get more acne. So, don't indulge yourself in stress and depression. You have to keep your mind relaxed and happy all the time.

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