Monday, July 7, 2014

Best Acne Treatment for Your Skin

Using commercial products or medication is definitely not the best acne treatment for your skin because they only treat the symptoms at best, not cure the root cause of acne. And they'll make you poor because you need to keep spending on these so-called acne treatments to keep your skin acne-free.

The best acne treatment is one that will root out the cause of acne and let you stay acne-free for good. And you don't have to buy any creams, lotions or drugs from doctor or over-the-counter. You save big money.

So, the very first step you need to do is to identify the root cause of acne. Once the root cause is found, it'll be easier to devise the best treatment for your acne and cure it for good.

Let's begin.

We all know that oily skin is relatively more acne-prone. That's because when your skin pore gets clogged with dead cells, excessive sebum production from your sebaceous gland can cause the duct to expand.

The expansion gets worse when acne bacteria multiply after feeding on the sebum and toxins from the blood. Soon after that, inflammation takes place and acne is formed.

What do you see from that series of chain reaction? Oily skin is the root cause of acne? Nope.

What causes your skin to be oily in the first place? Excessive sebum. And what causes sebum to become excessive? It's androgens.

Androgens are hormones that stimulate sebum production. And your liver is the one that's in charge of regulating the number of androgens to make sure your sebum production is normal.

But things go awry when your liver becomes weak. A weak liver can't deactivate androgens effectively. When that happens, some active androgens that are left behind will continue to stimulate sebum production, hence making your skin oily.

So, a weak liver is the root cause of acne. But then what causes your liver to become weak?

A poor diet that introduces excessive toxins and extra hormones into your body, overloading your liver and thus, resulting in excessive sebum production. Of course, other factors like a polluted environment, stressful work or smoking etc can weaken your liver function too.

So, the best acne treatment to help restore your beautiful skin is to strengthen your liver with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet means a plant-based diet full of whole foods, rich in fiber and nutrient-dense. Avoid animal-based foods such as meat, egg and dairy since animal-based foods can give you extra hormones and lead to hormonal imbalance.

A healthy lifestyle means a lifestyle without bad habits like smoking, alcohol, sleeping late at night or eating supper etc, but with good habits like working out regularly since exercising can help you relax and detox, thereby reducing the toxic load your liver has to handle.

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